kevin brusie photography


Yup. That's me. And that's Sharyn. We are on the Bonneville Salt Flats for a shoot - the client was Sylvania Automotive.
I proudly introduce myself as "a New Yorker, living in exile in Maine." With my first 32 formative years spent in NYC, I'll never be anything else.
I have been at the photo game as a pro since 1990. I started taking pictures long before that. 1973. In the interim I spent a dozen years or so in a suit at an international bank in NYC. That rounded off the street smarts of Brooklyn with the political savvy of the corporate world. That's a great tool set for a pro photographer.
My passion is making images. Not just ordinary images, but images that will have an emotional impact on the viewer. The added value I bring is my vision. Portraits will be sincere. The images will reflect a respect for the subject. A sense of the subject's personality will come through, whether it is a child, CEO, or widget. Animate or not, I search for a glimpse of the soul of my subject. Even paper mills have soul.

Full post-production work can be done in-house too. I have the skills to do pretty much anything you can imagine in Photoshop... from a simple touch up to a major make over or composites. All that you need do is imagine it... or plant a seed with me, and let me see what I can imagine!

I am an experienced "road warrior". From loading up the SUV and driving all over the northeast, to flying around the country and beyond, it is all in a days work. Europe, Australia, South America. We just need a few assignments in Asia to round it out. Any takers?

I am a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and have served on the board of the ASMP New England Chapter.